About us

Aaltonen means SAFETY

Aaltonen, a 360° full-speed car turn, not only looks effective, but also proves a driver's professionalism and craftsmanship. Sometimes this trick can help you to steer out of a skid by turning the car, when there is no time or space left for speed adjusting manoeuvres. The dynamics, innovation and efficiency of this manoeuvre determine our activity in the automotive industry. Thanks to our passion and professional attitude, we've been delivering the tyres and rims of renowned brands to dealer networks, importers, car showrooms, car service workshops and automotive stores for many years.

Aaltonen means PRESTIGE

Enjoy the tyres from the best brands and offer superior tyre products to your Customers! Start working with us. By choosing our offer, you will join our group of Key Customers, for whom we continuously develop new special offers, discounts and loyalty programmes.


Aaltonen means EFFICIENCY

Apart from having our own transportation system, we work with courier companies to serve customers all over the country. We process orders within 48 hours. You can place your order by telephone, via email, or by making a purchase in our on-line B2B service business module.  
Our developed logistic and warehouse facilities, wide range of products and cooperation with leading manufacturers allow to offer timely completion of standard orders, as well as effective completion of special jobs.

Aaltonen means COMFORT

Professional employees, variety of products, wholesale deals between 8:00 and 18:00, as well as an individual approach to every Client - these are the reasons why cooperation with us will bring a lot of satisfaction to both parties.

We offer you a convenient, individually-tailored system of settlements. Check our offer and be positively surprised not only by our flexibility, but also by favourable pricing.

Aaltonen means the RIGHT PERSPECTIVE

"...in critical situations, people behind the wheel tend to panic - they open their mouth and close their eyes. First of all, they do not look at the right spot on the road. Never look at the obstacle. Look there, where you want to get!"

Rauno Aaltonen